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Assessment Management

The Assessments Management Section is responsible to provide assessments (audits) and surveys of Navy Region Southwest (NRSW) environmental programs and to support the Environmental Business Line (EBL) in a wide range of associated activities.  Besides supporting active Navy installations in NRSW, the section supports Marine Corps, Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES), Navy Reserves, and the Bureau of Medicine, for a variety of audits and surveys. The work involves Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Compliance, and Other Environmental Liabilities.

Environmental Management System (EMS) Program

Executive Order (EO) 13423 required 84 Navy Facilities in the U.S. to implement EMS. The section performs the associated external audits on the facilities within the NRSW Area of Responsibility (AOR) comprising the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. The section performs audits of the ten Commander Naval Installations Command (CNIC) installations and, when requested, Bureau of Medicine (BUMED), Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), and Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) facilities. 

The focus of EMS is to advance implementation of the sustainability goals of EO 13423 and EO 13514 and the Department of Defense Sustainability Plan.  These goals include: reducing energy use, increasing renewable energy use, affirmative “green” procurement, reducing water consumption, reducing solid waste, reducing toxic and hazardous chemical use, sustainable construction and renovation activities, reducing fleet vehicle fuel use and procurement of environmentally friendly electronics.  External EMS audits look for objectives and targets that address the achievement of these EO goals.  Additionally, the section provides assistance to facilities in their efforts to improve their EMS programs and to meet or exceed the program goals.

Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) Environmental Management System (EMS) and Environmental Compliance Evaluations (ECE) Support

The section provides assessments at the 36 Marine Corps Reserve Centers within the NAVFAC SW AOR. In addition to conducting EMS and Environmental Compliance Evaluations, the team assists the reserve centers by providing: environmental training, program management assistance, identifying work practices and updating various plans, identifying other environmental issues and projects, providing EMS Awareness training, and building stronger working relationships between Marine Corps Reserve Center (MCRC) units and host environmental offices. 

Navy Reserve Environmental Coordinator

The section provides an Environmental Coordinator for the Navy Reserve sites (Naval Operations Support Centers, NOSCs) and Special Areas within NRSW who identifies environmental issues and serves as the point of contact for coordinating action to ensure environmental compliance.  Of the 15 reserve centers, 9 are considered stand-alone facilities. The remaining NOSCs are either tenants of the Navy and/or reside on Army, Air National Guard, or Joint Armed Forces Reserve facilities.

Bureau of Medicine Support

Upon request, the section provides EMS and environmental compliance audits for the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED). These audits occur world-wide. 

Other Environmental Liabilities (OEL) Program

The section performs Other Environmental Liabilities (OEL) surveys to determine Other Accrued (Non-DERP) Environmental Liabilities and Contingent Liabilities of active installations and their associated or special areas. The OEL Sustainment Process addresses environmental liabilities for a broad range of Navy and Marine Corps assets, including: facilities, structures, utilities, land, real property and non-military equipment.  The surveys result in hundreds of OEL records of new additions, deletions, and major renovations of assets with financial liability for end-of-life decommissioning purposes.

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