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2016 Consumer Confidence Reports

2016 Consumer Confidence Reports 


The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires drinking water suppliers to provide an annual water quality report / Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to their customers. This report provides consumers information about their drinking water, including the water sources, contaminants detected in their drinking water, health effects of contaminants when violations occur, likely sources of detected contaminants, and availability of source water assessments. By understanding their water supplies, customers, especially those with special health needs, can make informed decisions regarding their use of drinking water. 


Shown below are links for the CCRs for each of the Commander Navy Region Japan Installations.




アメリカ合衆国環境保護庁(EPA) は飲料水供給事業者に年次飲料水質報告書及び消費者信頼感レポート(CCR)を消費者に提供するよう求めました。この報告書は、水源、飲料水から検出された混入物質、違反があった際混入物質による健康への影響、混入源と思われるもの、水源評価の入手先を含む飲料水の情報を消費者に提供します。供給されている水への理解を深めることにより、特に健康への特殊なニーズをもつ消費者などは、飲料水の使用に対し十分な情報に基づいて判断することが可能となります。





Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan - English & Japanese  

2016 NAF Atsugi Consumer Confidence Report ENG-JPG.pdf

Naval Support Facility Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory  

Naval Air Facility Misawa, Japan 

FLCY Hachinohe Consumer Confidence Report 2016.pdf

Commander, Fleet Activities Okinawa, Japan 

CCR 2015 CFA Okinawa Camp Shields, White Beach, Awase, Tengan Pier.pdf

Comander, Fleet Activites Sasebo, Japan 


Commander, Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan 


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