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Air pollution occurs when gases, dust particles, fumes, smoke or noxious odors are introduced into the atmosphere in a way that makes them harmful to humans or the environment. 


Air quality focuses on the monitoring of emission sources to prevent pollutants from damaging human health and the environment.  Air pollution can cause lung disease, deplete the ozone layer and create acid rain.


The Japan Environmental Governing Standards (JEGS) Chapter 2 governs Air Emissions.  Professionals from both Fleet Activities Yokosuka and the Government of Japan monitor air emission sources to ensure regulatory limits are being met.


General requirements for all personnel to promote air quality are:


  •  No open burning.
  •  Heating and Air Conditioning repairs conducted by trained professionals.
  •  Vehicle coolant system repairs conducted by trained professionals.
  •  Do not use ozone depleting substances (ODS) without authorization.
  •  Turn-in ODS for proper disposal.


Things we can all do to improve air quality are:


  •  Carpool or use public transportation.
  •  Walk or ride a bike.
  •  Keep vehicles properly maintained.
  •  Don’t idle vehicles.
  •  Refuel vehicles after dusk.
  •  Turn off lights and appliances.
  •  Keep lids on containers of paints, solvents, etc.


For further information contact the Air Program Manager.

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