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Facilities Sustainment

Facilities Sustainment (FS) offers maintenance, repair, and management of alteration of real property and minor construction for facilities, buildings and equipment. The highly skilled and diverse workforce provide essential support for shore and afloat commands located throughout the Pearl Harbor area. FS services can range from fire alarm and intrusion detection system maintenance, to construction and renovation of office spaces. It can be categorized by the following types of work:

Facilities personnel pour concrete curbing.

Emergency Work
Emergency Work is defined as any facility deficiency that immediately compromises the mission or life, health and safety.  Emergency Work is billed at predetermined rates which are published annually. The command's goal is to respond within one hour and resolve Emergency Work within 24 hours.  Any remaining work is non-emergency.

Recurring Work
Recurring Work covers repetitive areas such as equipment preventive maintenance and is accomplished on a fixed schedule. Recurring Work includes all repetitive type of day-to-day maintenance and operations work. The following criteria must be met for work to be considered recurring:

1. The work is repetitive and follows an established cycle;
2. The work can be defined and planned in advance and
3. The work can be scheduled for completion without depending on the completion of some other task or event.

Recurring Work excludes: repair work, repetitive tasks that cannot be scheduled in advance and must be done on an on-call basis, and dedicated service which is work under the direction of the customer. The following are a few examples of Recurring and Preventive Maintenance Services:


  • Air Conditioning Equipment 


  • Ventilation Equipment 



  • Grease Trap Service


  • Backflow Preventers



  • Ground Testing (Electrical)


  • Boiler/Hot Water Tank Inspection & Certification

  • Incinerators



  • Building Renovations



  • Intrusion Detection Systems


  • Card Reader Systems



  • Mechanical & Electrical Equipment

  • Cathodic Protection



  • Public Address Systems 


  • Closed Circuit TV Equipment



  • Refrigeration Equipment


  • Emergency Generators



  • Roofing Maintenance


  • Emergency Lighting



  • Storm Drain Cleaning


  •  Fire Alarm Systems



  • Uninterrupted Power Systems

  • Galley Equipment




  • Vehicle Pop-up Barriers







Urgent Work
Urgent Work is defined as any deficiency that does not immediately endanger personnel or property, but extended delays or repairs could result in damage to Government property, or soon affect the security, health, or well-being or personnel or the continued operation of a service or system.  Urgent Work is without restriction on labor hours or response time. It is billed at predetermined rates which are published annually. The command's goal is to resolve Urgent Work within 5 working days.
Carpenters install decking at the command’s new Oily Waste Treatment Plant.
Painters provide Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam’s Pass and ID office at Nimitz Gate with a new coat of paint.
Routine Work
Routine Work is defined as any deficiency that does not qualify as emergency or urgent, but is needed to maintain the agreed upon facility condition.  In general, this is work that does not require engineering or estimating, and can be accomplished without complex planning or scheduling.  Routine Work is billed at predetermined rates which are published annually. The command's goal is to complete Routine Work within 30 calendar days.
Project (Specific) Work
Specific Work involves major repairs, replacements, new construction and renovation of facilities requiring engineering, planning and estimating services. The command's goal is to respond within 90 days and complete Specific Work within 150 days. The following are a few examples of Specific Work:

  • Carpet Floor Covering

  • Change of Command packages

  • Fiber Optics

  • Fire Alarm

  • Intrusion Alarms

  • Major Alterations/Building Renovations

  • Masonry Wall Veneers

  • Refrigeration

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Wall Covering

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