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The following positions are open but are not found on
Please send your resume to Rudy Muriel Rodolfo.Muriel1@Navy.Mil
1 MVO (Forklift Operator) WG-5703-06 Everett, WA Accepting Resumes
2 Civil Engineer GS-0810-12 Everett, WA Accepting Resumes
3 Electrical Engineer GS-0850-7/9/11/12 Bangor/Everett, WA Accepting Resumes
4 Mechanical Engineer GS-0830-12 Everett, WA Accepting Resumes
5 High Voltage Electrician WG-2810-10 Bangor/Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
6 Utilities Systems Repair Operator WG-4742-5/8/10 Bangor Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
7 Boiler Plant Operator WG-5402-10 Bangor/Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
8 Electronic Industrial Work Mechanic WG-2606-11 Bangor/Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
9 Utility Systems Operator WG-5406-10 Bangor Accepting Resumes
10 Electrician WG-2805-5/8/10 Bangor/Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
11 Air Condition Equipment Mechanic WG-5306-8/10 Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
12 Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic WG-5803-10 Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
13 Materials Handler WG-6907-06 Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
14 Work Control Assistant GS-0303-05 Bremerton, WA Accepting Resumes
15 Architect GS-0808-7/9/11/12 Bangor, WA Accepting Resumes
16 Motor Vehicle Operator WG-5703-5/6 Bangor, Bremerton, Everett, WA Accepting Resumes

Veterans Employment Opportunities Act (VEOA): You must be preference eligible; or veteran separated from the armed forces after three or more continuous active service performed under honorable conditions.


'Schedule A' Appointing Authority for Individuals with Disabilities: Schedule A, 5 CFR 213.3102(u), for hiring people with severe physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. This excepted authority is used to appoint persons with severe physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. Such individuals may qualify for conversion to permanent status after two years of satisfactory service. Severe physical disabilities include but are not limited to blindness, deafness, paralysis, missing limbs, epilepsy, dwarfism, and more. In order to be eligible for employment through the Schedule A non-competitive process, documentation of the disability is required. Such documentation is used to verify that the individual being hired is indeed a person with an intellectual disability, severe physical disability, or psychiatric disability. This documentation must be provided to the hiring agency before an individual can be hired. Documentation of eligibility for employment under Schedule A can be obtained from a licensed medical professional that issues or provides disability benefits.


Mr. Rodolfo (Rudy) Muriel
Human Resources Outreach Specialist
Phone: (360) 286-1346

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