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Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C Sec. 552 (as amended by the OPEN Government Act of 2007, Pub. L. No. 110-175, 121 Stat. 2524) gives the public the right to access any Department of the Navy records unless the information in those records is protected by one or more of the nine exemptions that qualify an Agency's need to withhold records from a requester, and there is a sound legal basis to withhold them. The Department of the Navy adheres to the policy and disclosure regulations set forth in SECNAVINST 5720.42G, to implement the FOIA uniformly and consistently and to provide maximum allowable disclosure of agency records upon request by an individual.

How to file a Navy FOIA request

To submit a FOIA request to NAVFAC Far East, please send your request to the following SecureRelease Portal:

Though it is encouraged to send your FOIA request through SecureRelease Portal, you may also submit your request instead by email or mail to the following address:
By Email:
By Mail:
FOIA Coordinator (09C)
NAVFAC Far East 
PSC 473 BOX 13 
FPO AP 96349-0013
In sending your request, please make sure to include the following information:

1) Your contact information (including your name, organization, phone & Fax number, email address and mailing address);

2) Details of your request to include a “reasonable description” of the records you are seeking.  (Please attach supporting document as necessary.);

3) Information about Processing fees;

(i)  Please let us know the maximum amount of fee you agree to pay.
(ii) Please let us know if you are requesting a fee waiver.  (Please provide justification to support a fee waiver.  Additional information about fee waiver categories may be found here.) 

4) Whether you request expedited processing.  (Please provide justification to support your request for expedited processing.  In limited circumstances, you may qualify for expedited processing.  Additional information about expedited processing may be found here.)  If you have any question, please feel free to contact either of the following persons:

NAVFAC FOIA / PA Officer (United States)
Abby Machalec
(From U.S.) 202-685-9269
(From Japan) 010-1-202-685-9269

NAVFAC Far East FOIA Coordinator (Japan)
Yuko Ando
(From U.S.) 011-81-46-816-8256
(From Japan) 046-816-8256


Finally, to learn more about FOIA, please visit the
Department of the Navy FOIA webpage or Department of Defense FOIA Handbook.

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