Asset management

NAVFAC Southwest's Asset Management professionals manage the very foundation of the Navy shore establishment portfolio - strategic shore planning, portfolio inventory development and maintenance, intergovernmental planning and real estate management - using a comprehensive lifecycle approach to ensure the 'right' shore capabilities fully support the Navy's mission.

The Navy manages 76 major shore installations with more than two million acres of land and 110,000-plus facilities valued at greater than $150 billion, with over 525 million square feet of space. This inrastructure is integral to the Navy's mission, directly supporting its ships, submarines and aircraft; training requirements; research development, test and evaluation activities; and more than 570,000 active duty, reserve and civilian Navy personnel, contractors and various tenants who work and live on Navy installations. Asset Management is critical to the effective operation of this diverse and complex infrastructure portfolio.

Regional Shore Infrastructure Planning (RSIP)

Regional Shore Infrastructure Planning is an implementation tool to provide the Navy with a guide to achieve the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) 21st Century Shore Support Vision for the Pacific theater. The Plan evaluates mission requirements for each Program Area by assessing existing environmental and manmade constraints and balancing those constraints with the current and future needs of each Program Area. The RSIP incorporates the concepts, recommendations, and conclusions of the Regional Commanders vision for the Navy in the 21st century.

Regional Space Allocation Committee (RSAC)

The Regional Space Allocation Committee was developed to better manage Facility soave throughout Commander Navy Region Southwest. Guideline Principles are as follows:

  • Make Business Decisions on renovating and extended life of aged facilities.
  • Reduce redundant facilities
  • Demolish vacant "Old Dogs"
  • Maximize Efficient Space Utilization
  • Reduce/ eliminate lease payments


What is the Air Installation Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) Program?

The AICUZ is a concept of achieving compatible land use around a military airfield AICUZ is a planning program and not a land acquisition or land management program.

What is the purpose of AICUZ?

The purpose of the AICUZ is to prevent incompatible development in high noise exposure areas (zones), to minimize public exposure to potential safety hazards associated with aircraft operations, and to protect the operational capability of the air installation.

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